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In our profession sharing is caring and stealing is appealing, so here's a gem for you to take. Within my classroom, I have used several tools to assist with behavioral/ classroom management but ClassDojo has become one of the most effective resources and is also now a part of my everyday rituals & routines. ClassDojo allows me to have direct communication with my parents, manage my students behavior and increase the integration of technology in my classroom. Not only do I love Dojo but my parents love Dojo and my kids have a love for it as well.

Tools within the tool

ClassDojo has many tools in its toolkit that can be used to assist you during your instructional day. Here's a list of those tools.

1. Timer

2. Random

3. Group Maker

4. Noise Meter

5. Music

6. Think Pair Share

7. Today

8. Directions

Maximizing the use of each tool

One of the greatest features of the new toolkit on ClassDojo is the fact that all of these tools can be operated from your phone directly to your promethean/ interactive board. This makes it simple for you to move around the classroom and operate this program at the same time.


The timer is self explanatory, I use the timer during my differentiated small groups as well as during my students independent work sessions. This allows the students to gain time management skills, not procrastinate on assignments and work diligently to get things done.


The random feature is one of my favorites. Are you tired of the same students consistently participating and other students hiding in the background? Well here's a tool that keeps the students focused and encourages participation from the entire class. when selecting the random tool, it shuffles through all the students on your roster and randomly lands on the name of a student. This keeps the students engaged because they don't want to be off task if their name is randomly selected and they look forward to having the correct response when the spotlight is placed on them.

This feature can also be used to select student leaders/ jobs, random. incentive giveaways and simple student selection.

Group Maker:

The Group Maker tool is very effective for creating any size groups within your classroom. The Group Making feature allows you to randomly group students without any biases. This tool also allows you to select which students you do not want to be grouped together.

Noise Maker/Music

The noise maker allows students to view when their voices exceed your classroom expectations. The Music tool provides you with two options focus music and active music that can be played during the students work session.

Think Pair Share

The think pair share tool allows you to post a question that promotes collaborative learning throughout the classroom. After presenting a question to the students, they are tasked to critically think about the question, pair with another student in class then share their thoughts.


Every morning I use the today tool to post a friendly good morning message to my students and any morning work directions. This feature cuts down on unnecessary talking/confusion in the mornings. This tool can also be used to post any daily classroom announcements.


This tool allows me to instantly post any directions on the board to clear up any misconception during my instructional time. This tool is an effective way to assist those students who need constant explicit instruction. I also use this tool to post my students homework on the board for them to copy into their agenda books then I screenshot it and post it on my class story so my parents and I am on one accord. This has increased my homework completion and accuracy from about 65% to 98%.

A tool worth using

Outside of the tools, ClassDojo is a very effective way to keep track of parent communication without the use of your personal information, track and monitor students behavior and share pictures and video with your parents of what's going on in your classroom.

Often educators complain about the lack of parental support or parental connection when using dojo. Dojo is only as important as you make it. You must sell Dojo to your students and parents in order to have everyone on board. I have 100% of my parents connected and 100% of my parents informed. Dojo is an amazing tool to use in your classroom.

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