Letter to the overwhelmed Teacher

You can do it but your pride can't be included. Teaching is the profession filled with gifts that keep on giving, but it also takes as much as it gives. You're tired, you're overwhelmed, you give so much and for some students your work shows, while for others it still seems to be unnoticed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Just think about it, just as overwhelmed as you are, consider the kids. They are just as overwhelmed as you are. It's testing season and the drills and test prep are driving us all insane. Our nerves are wrecked and the behavioral issues have started to arise....again...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. As educators we have to stop assuming no one understands our stress. We have a complicated job, that's not up for debate, but the question is how are you managing? Are you complaining and becoming complacent? Have you given up on your students? Have you given up on you?

Never allow yourself to reach a point where you just absolutely want to give up. We work in a profession where sharing is caring and stealing is appealing. By that I mean, GET SOME HELP! Do not be afraid to lean on others educators. Okay so your strategies are no longer working, and your classroom management skills have been ineffective, ASK FOR HELP. Millennials happen to be some of the most prideful individuals on this earth. We take on so many task, get burned out and then are too prideful to admit we need help. Don't allow yourself to drown when you have ample resources to help keep you afloat.

Keep your head up, keep your spirits up and don't give in. Think smarter not harder. You are doing great, just don't get lazy. You have made it too far through the school year to start losing hope. Don't give up on you, don't give up on your students. Remember to ALWAYS REMAIN ELITE. Even when it gets tough, strive to be the best teacher you can be. When your students look at you they see their Hero. Don't throw in the towel, to them you have superpowers. Reboot and recharge, it's time to get back to impacting lives. You can do it but your pride can't be included.


A Millennial in Education

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