Receptive vs. Reluctant

The moment you stop learning, is the moment you give up your power. There's always someone who knows more than you. The moment a person accepts that they do not "know it all", and do not "have it all", is the moment they open themselves up for success. When entering into the professional world, whether you work for a business, own a business, or in the process of building one; you need insight. Insight can take you places your personal knowledge can't.

Often times you hear people speak about how people want to see you do well but never better than them. While this is true, this is not the heart of everyone. There are plenty of people open and ready to give insight. The real question is are you going to be receptive or reluctant. When that information comes, what are you going to do with it. One thing about insight is it comes in many forms. Insight may come in the form of an inspirational word, a motivational speech, a strategic planning session, a reality check or even a personality check. Insight can come in ways that may make an arrogant individual feel like it's hate and an emotional person feel like it's spiteful. We have to build up a coat over our skin, build a shield over our hearts that allows us to be receptive to the advice, the criticism, the tips and knowledge of others. Even if it goes against everything we have fixed our minds to believe, we have to trust the insight and wisdom of the individuals with good intentions .

In the profession of education, we often develop this mindset that "its my classroom and can't nobody tell me how to run it but me". While I also believe this statement to be true (literally chuckling) you can't grow in education thinking that way. Someone has the answer to how you can remediate for that struggling learner. Someone has the answer you're looking for. Someone can tell you how you can accelerate for that gifted learner. That stress that's on your back can be lifted by simply listening. Often times we block our blessings by neglecting and rejecting the advisement of others.

Your breakthrough, your solution and your growth is on the other side of your desire to know it all. Your come up, your progress is on the other side of your fear of allowing others to have a say so in your progression. Get off your high horse! No more being reluctant to accept wisdom from others but let's be receptive so that we may reach our full potential.

Sincerely ,

A Millennial in Education

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