Summer STEAM Fun

School's out but the fun in learning never ends! Check out these cool Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities your child can complete this summer.

K'Nex (Engineering)

K'nex are a construction toy system which allows children to use plastic rods, connectors, blocks, gears, wheels, and other components, to form models, machines, and architectural structures. This is definitely a step above legos, and it pushes your children to be thinkers, innovators and builders! K'nex can be purchased at Walmart, Target & Amazon. Check out this direct link to purchase.

Content Board Games ( Engineering, Math, Art, Science)

Content boards games are a cool way to allow your child to be innovative and learn at the same time. Creating content specific board games allows the child to create a game that they can also use to brush up on their skills. Depending on the age, this can be done alone or with guided adult assistance. You never know, the game your child creates could possibly be a million dollar best seller one day!

TikTok: (Art, Technology)

Allow your child to make the Tiktoks but channel that tiktok energy into a learning experience. Allow your child to create educational or informational tiktoks. This allows them to do something they love and learn while doing it!

Check out these hands on STEAM activities from STEAMsational

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