Teaching Title I

" I would never teach at a Title I School."

"My mind was fixed and Title I was not an option. I was stuck in a mindset that I never lived an experience in. I allowed others opinions to almost talk me out of my calling. Deep right? You would be surprised to know how many people have talked you out of your God given purpose. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself to be where I am today, at this exact moment, in this exact place. Being that I never attended a Title I school I was unaware of the beauty in Title I. The only knowledge I had was what others said, and never was it anything positive. Those kids don't know anything", " those kids are bad","I would never teach over there." These are the words often spoken from parents, community leaders, and educators mouths. For those of you unaware, A Title I School is a school with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families. Although Title I schools are described as low income schools, many have described Title I schools as schools in the "ghetto", that have students who are unmotivated, behavioral issues and have no desire to learn.

Understanding Title I

The world has identified Title I schools as "bad schools". Let me help you! TEACHING TITLE I IS ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES EVER!!! Teaching Title I is extremely difficult, and as the saying states, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Now Title I schools aren't for everyone but when I tell you it is such a rewarding experience,I mean just that.

You will often meet students who are unmotivated, extreme behavioral issues and have no desire to learn. This is what makes this experience so rewarding. Teaching Title I requires you to go beyond what's required and push students to reach their full potential. " Well how do you push a child to reach their potential if they've been convinced it doesn't exist"? This is where your superpowers come in, and we all have them for we are teachers! You teach, you teach with love and patience, you teach with all of your heart. Every child has the ability to learn, and as an educator that mindset is what pushes us to help every child succeed.

Often students in Title I School are unaware of the significance of education. Some children come from broken homes where they have never heard the words I love you from a relative. Others are unaware of what a career or profession is. Many have never heard the word goal(s) before unless the conversation was about sports. No I am not saying this is only an issue in Title I schools but at this moment I am shining light on Title I. The issue with students who attend Title I schools is not that they devalue education, but they simply haven't had many people express how great intelligence is. One of my administrators told me that one of the greatest things you can do is introduce a child to success and once they get that feeling, they never want to lose it!

Title I teachers have the task of teaching the curriculum, filling large educational gaps, motivating students and pushing each child to see they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to. It's not easy teaching Title I. It's not easy managing a classroom with 50% behavioral issues and little to no parental involvement, but you would be surprised to see what love and motivation can do. One of the most rewarding experiences in teaching Title I is watching students grow academically, mentally and socially. It's not about their area code but it's about the overall goal.

Be the change you wish to see! Change the views of Title I teaching!!!! Be the light in the lives of our leaders of tomorrow! Don't run from Title I schools, run to them!!! We have a job to do and a generation to motivate! I love teaching Title I and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything !

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